Nice N’ Clean services are offered to both Residential and Commercial properties.

With many years of experience and commitment to our customers. Nice N`Clean ensure you as a customer can expect quality results from our services.

Whether you are a big business or a small residential property…

Nice N’ Clean will always strive to provide quality services. We give the best results that can possibly be achieved.

Postcodes covered:

NG1, NG2, NG3, NG4, NG5, NG6, NG7, NG8, NG9, NG12, NG14, NG15, NG16, NG17, NG18, NG19, NG20, NG21, NG22, NG23, NG24, NG25
DE5, DE7, DE24, DE55, DE75
S40, S41, S42, S44, S70, S80

Our Services

13Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal

This involves the deep extraction method. Using quality environmentally friendly products.

This will guarantee the best attainable results anywhere.

The carpets are dried to a high degree. This ensures that they can be walked on as soon as possible.

It is often possible to walk on them immediately after cleaning.

Nice N’ Clean employ comprehensive stain removal treatments.

All their processes use only ISO 9001:2000 Craftex chemicals.

Services starting at a minimum of £35


Fabric_SofaFabric Upholstery Cleaning
This service also utilizes the extraction method. Specialist tools and equipment are however employed for suites. This is due to the complex intricate shapes that are involved.

Drying times vary.This depends on exact fabric composition.

Please telephone to discuss your individual requirements.
Services Typically £75


leather-sofaLeather Upholstery Cleaning
The leather suite cleaning service is a delicate process. These services are carried out by hand.

Nice N’ Clean are specialists in this field. We employ a thorough dual cleaning technique.
Suites are always conditioned as a routine part of the cleaning process.

Please be aware that our comprehensive cleaning involves two distinct operations.

Not one like more inexperienced cleaning firms. It is vital that the suite is also conditioned.

The leather suite is left dry and can be used immediately after cleaning.

Leather suites stripped, cleaned and conditioned at £85


curtainsCurtain Cleaning

Part of your cleaning regime should also include the cleaning of your window dressings.

These are specialist services which we are happy to provide for you.
Curtains are dry cleaned whilst still hung at the window.They remain in your home.

Customers will benefit who want to maintain their windows in a dressed state. This ensures privacy is maintained.

Curtain removal could also potentially require the window being redressed professionally.

The curtains are left perfectly dry. They are ready to use immediately after cleaning.

A specialist dry cleaning formula is used which also deodorizes the fabric.

For full prices of services. Please call us. Alternatively you may fill in the Nice N` Clean contact form.



Standard Free Extra Treatments

allergyAnti Allergy Treatment
Only Eco-Friendly chemicals are used.

This ensures the very best in anti-allergy treatments. Again a standard service with no additional charges.




Nice N’ Clean believe a customer deserves the item being cleaned to look good. Also items should smell nice and healthy too.
All our cleaning processes involve using powerful deodorisers. This is a standard service. There is without any additional cost to our customers.


For any further information on our services. Please telephone 01623 462696.

Alternatively you may use the Nice N` Clean contact form provided.