Stainguarding services are available from Nice N`Clean at an additional cost.

There are several stainguarding protection treatments on the market. These are widely available to the professional carpet cleaner.

Nice N` Clean use the Du Pont “Teflon” fluorochemical treatment. This can protect your investment.

Do Pont is an internationally respected company. Their products are world class.

This is applied to the already cleaned fabric.It is sprayed immediately after cleaning.

Stainguarding chemical is applied in your home.

You can rest assured that this is totally safe for use in your home.  Your family and pets are not affected.

The stainguarding forms an invisible protective shield. This forms a capsule around the fibres.

The fibres will not be discoloured by the treatment.

As a result the fibres are significantly more resistant to oil and water based stains.

It will also greatly assist with removal of dry soil.

This treatment is often applied to lighter coloured fabrics. Flooring and particularly upholstery are treatable.

Often on a sofa stainguarding can give an invaluable barrier.

This slows and can prevent the deep penetration of the fibres.

Generally a carpet or suite treated with stainguard will clean more easily.

This is also manifested in your day to day vacuuming.

Carpets are often easier to vacuum.

It is still necessary to act immediately and treat the spill.

Customers often neglect to have a stainguard reapplied after cleaning.

Very often carpets and upholstery have stainguarding applied from new.

Stainguarding can be removed with the thorough cleaning process.

The stainguard is also gradually degraded with everyday use.

It is often a wise precaution to protect your investment as fully as possible.

If you require any further information on this process or pricing. Please contact us and we will advise.

Explanatory leaflets can also be provided on request.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements.

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