Leather cleaning is a specialist service provided by Nice N` Clean.

You were delighted when your new leather suite was delivered. Gleaming and pristine as it was carefully unwrapped by the delivery man.

Unfortunately although leather is very durable these soft furnishings are they will still require maintenance as a result of daily use.

If you take the advice of the manufacturer you may have bought a cleaning kit to care for the leather.

Over a period of time you will find that your pristine asset has gradually begun to deteriorate. Leather Cleaning Nice N`CleanGrime builds up over time within the natural grain. This is despite your best efforts as a householder. Now leather cleaning by a professional company such as Nice N`Clean is required. Even with the utmost care a gradual accumulation will build up on the suite and it will ultimately require a professional restorative clean.

Leather must treated with utmost respect and can only be cleaned by hand.

The leather type is firstly expertly assessed in your home and then if possible will be stripped of all the dirt and grime built up on the surface.

Always care is needed to maintain the integrity of the leather.

Nice N Clean always apply a second cleaner conditioner which enhances the appearance of the finished product.

This restores it to as close to showroom condition as is humanly possible.

The advantage with leather is that it can be used immediately after cleaning and drying times are not applicable.

The finest chemicals sourced from within the United Kingdom are employed. Ensuring this versatile natural product will adorn your home for many more years to come.

Please do not listen to the rumours of cleaning with baby wipes or indeed any products not designed for cleaning leather. Most of these will gradually degrade the protective coatings which is applied to the leather. Eventually the raw leather will become exposed and it will become unusable.

It is far better to spend a little more on a suitable product.

Trust only a qualified professional to look after your leather cleaning needs.

For all your leather cleaning needs please telephone Paul on 01623 462696 to book.