Fabric deodorising is a vitally important process to Nice N`Clean.

Often when I am maintaining a family`s home I get compliments from passers by saying how lovely and fresh my product smells.

Nice N Clean believe it is a fundamental requirement to provide a fresh and clean smell to your home or business.

We at Nice N`Clean use comprehensive fabric deodorising products to eliminate the unpleasant smells in your carpets and upholstery.

The cleaning process itself can if carried out without a professional cause more harm than good.

If you don`t thoroughly extract the liquid from the carpet a foul smelling residue can remain.

Many poor quality machines are just not up to the demanding task.

An extremely powerful combination of long lasting aroma concentrates are used in the machine to fill the room with a fresh smell as the cleaning progresses.

An additional powerful fabric deodorising product is sprayed on the fabrics which actually eats away at the bacteria which causes the nasty smells.

The first thing a customer usually remarks on is how fresh the room smells.

This is before they even see the result of the cleaning.

This is a vital additive we at Nice N`Clean provide as part of our excellent service.

This is without any additional cost to you the customer.