Nice N` Clean are rug cleaning experts.

We can be reliably employed to care for your expensive rug.

There are a multitude of rugs out there. Over many years Nice N`Clean has experienced rug cleaning all varieties.

Rugs vary immensely, both in quality and price.

Nice N`Clean`s rug cleaning service can provide cleaning for all types.

Take the guesswork out of rug cleaning.

For your convenience our rug cleaning service is carried out on site in the comfort of your own home. We will never take your rug away.

Be aware that some will clean in a damp warehouse in bulk.

With Nice N`Clean you are welcome to watch our thorough cleaning procedure if you wish.

Nice N`Clean rug cleaning

Nice N`Clean rug cleaning

You do not have to wait for your rug to be picked up and returned later.

Rugs are cleaned in a similar manner to carpets. Though some of the finer rugs have to be treated in a very gentle manner.

The preferred method is the hot water extraction method of rug cleaning.

It is often necessary to finish the procedure off by hand.

Chinese style rugs can be particularly delicate and troublesome.

You can rest assured that your precious rug is in the hands of a seasoned professional.

It will be treated with the utmost respect and care. Restoring your precious rug to it`s former glory.

Rugs are stain treated, deodorised and anti allergy treated as a matter of course.

Protective treatments may be applied on request if required.

Please contact Nice N`Clean on 01623 462696 for a telephone appraisal.

Alternatively you may use the contact Nice N`Clean form provided.