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Carpet Cleaning Nice N`Clean

A regular carpet cleaning schedule is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy home environment for your family. The dirt and grime that builds up within the fibres of your carpet not only looks bad but is damaging your valuable carpets.

Even with the most thorough vacuuming, a residue of grit is left deep within the carpets.

This is something which only carpet cleaning with a professional deep hot water extraction process can successfully tackle. The cost of hiring a professional to maintain your carpets will far outweigh the cost of premature wear caused by poor maintenance and will also enhance the healthy environment of your home. Generally, the carpets in your home require a thorough deep clean every 12 to 18 months to maintain them effectively.

There are several methods of carpet cleaning which can be used but the most effective is the hot water extraction method.

Often customers are confused by the term steam cleaning which is a misnomer, people see the fine jet of water and presume it is steam.
The majority of carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction to maintain your carpets.

Nice N Clean prefer the use of portable machines as these are far more versatile than truck mount machinery.

Exactly the same results are achievable by both methods when a professionally trained operator uses them.

These days we are all bombarded with the inferior Rug Doctor machines in the supermarkets.

Please don’t be fooled, these are really more expensive than employing a professional to do the work for you.

They are not professional machines and will invariably damage your carpets.

All the pitfalls and horror stories you ever heard about carpet cleaning are inherent in these DIY machines.

The chemicals are very expensive and add to the hire cost, making them a more expensive alternative.

A professional carpet cleaning machine will have two vacuums not one and use far higher pressure to get deep within the carpet fibres.

Proper extraction is essential for a thorough clean.

Otherwise harmful residues will remain within your carpets and dirt will be spread about and pushed into your carpet rather than removed.

All chemicals used by us are professional products which are safe for your home, family and pets.

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