Curtain cleaning is an often  overlooked process when a customer thinks of maintaining the home.

It is often considered too much trouble to perform.

Curtain cleaning-Nice N`Clean

Nice N`Clean curtain cleaning

Nice N`Clean can make this curtain cleaning chore a thing of the past.

Dust, grime and odors are often harbored by your window dressings. Not just in your furniture and flooring.

Dust mites can be a particular problem. They can often cause allergy issues.

Curtain cleaning will be a positive step in dust mite elimination.

Spiders also love to make their homes in you drapes.

The dry cleaning solvent tends to make the curtains a less favourable breeding nest.

Provide a healthy environment for the whole family.

When embarking on an annual curtain cleaning routine it is a good idea to include all fabrics. Curtain cleaning is an often neglected issue.

All fabrics can be cleaned by using our dry cleaning method. There is no need to take them down. You do not have to leave them for days at the dry cleaners. This is much more convenient to our customers.

Let us at Nice N`Clean take care of your curtain cleaning requirements.

Also curtain cleaning this way means no rehanging is required.

You can rest assured that our dry cleaning chemicals will never shrink or fade your fabrics.

Often more expensive curtains can`t be washed conventionally.

Bought curtains are often labelled in the top corner.

Usually made to measure curtains are dry clean only.

The dry cleaning solvents we use have a powerful deodorizer. This leaves the fabric and  room smelling fresh and clean.

You can rest assured that all the chemicals used by Nice N`Clean are safe for your family and pets.

Leave the curtain cleaning to us contact Paul now on 01623 462696.

Alternatively you may use the contact Nice N`Clean form provided.