Stain removal is a trademark specialism of Nice N`Clean.

Unfortunately stains can develop on your carpets and upholstery.

It is vital that they are dealt with effectively.

Nice N`Clean are here to assist with your demanding stain removal needs.

All stains are treatable. Unfortunately not all stains can be effectively removed.

Carefully remove. Then mop and blot a spillage. This is always the best “first aid” approach to stain removal.

Try not to panic.

A comprehensive array of stain treatments exist. Some are solely available to the professional cleaner.

Some are indeed available to the householder.

There are certain things that you can do to rid yourself of the mark temporarily.

A professional carpet cleaner then may remove  stains entirely. occasionally you may not need the assistance of a professional.

We provide a handy stain removal guide. This is found in our tips section.

Always use domestic stain removal products cautiously. They are widely available in supermarkets.

Always read labels carefully.

They are very good at removing stains.

Unfortunately this often leads to permanent bleaching.

Also a discoloration of the fibres may occur.

A gentler approach is often better at least initially.

Please always ensure you test an inconspicuous area first.

Avoid harsh treatment. This causes permanent damage to delicate fibres. Once damaged there is no remedy.

A patch of damage can look worse than the stain.

Nice N`Clean use various stain removal products.

All these products are tried and tested. We have many years experience in stain removal.

Nice N`Clean can confidently boast.

We perform the ultimate stain removal service.

We pride ourselves in using a guarded technique.

Nice N`Clean beat all the competition in the field.

If we can`t remove it no one can.

Take the guess work out of stain removal.

Telephone Nice N`Clean on 01623 462696 today. The best in stain removal technique is a call away.

Alternatively use the contact Nice N`Clean form provided.